What’s The Connection Between Your Hip & Low Back Pain?

Connection between hip and low back pain

The body is intricately designed with nerves, muscles, connective tissues, and so much
more, that intertwine to form a beautiful structure capable of everything from minute
movements to surviving in some of the harshest conditions on earth. But with these
intricacies comes vulnerability, so it’s no surprise that we experience pain and injury from
time to time. What you may not realize though, is that sometimes the pain you feel isn’t
necessarily caused by something in the area you feel it. For example, when you have an
injury to your hips or pelvis, it can often cause back pain. Due to the proximity of
structures, the nerves that travel throughout the area, and the mobility of the joints
throughout, your body and brain can interpret your hip/pelvic problem as back pain and
your back problem as hip/pelvic pain.

The lumbar region of the spine (lower back) houses all of the nerves that supply feeling and
motor control to the entire lower body; from the low back itself to the hips, knees, and
down to the tips of your toes. While this area can sustain a lot of abuse, due to the immense
amount of movement it is capable of and the stress that our daily lives can put on it, it is
also the most susceptible to injury. Here’s a few reasons you may have this hip/back pain

A pinched nerve root at the lumbar spine due to a bulging or herniated disc may result in
significant sharp pain along a nerve like the sciatic nerve which runs from the middle of the
low back all the way down the back and side of the leg to the foot. Sometimes this pain
stops at the buttock and at other times it may shoot all the way down to the toes.

Your posture may also have an effect. This isn’t to say that you need to immediately “fix”
your posture as that may not be necessary. What I’m referencing is more so when you begin
to exhibit an abnormal-to-you posture, like suddenly sitting all day when you’re used to
walking, or crossing your legs a lot when you haven’t before. These seemingly subtle
changes may actually result in some significant shifts in the joints of the pelvis and spine,
causing pain. If you haven’t had a major shift in how you sit, stand, or walk throughout
your day, it may be that your posture has changed due to your pain rather than the other
way around. The new posture you’ve adapted may be your body’s way of compensating for
an injury or otherwise protecting itself from further damage.

If your hips are off balance in some way, let’s say they rotate a little more toward the back
than normal; what we would refer to as a posterior pelvic tilt, this puts unnecessary
pressure on the lumbar spine. By the pelvis sitting in this backward rotation, even just a few
degrees off, the pelvic bones begin to pull on ligaments and muscles throughout the hips,
low back, and even the legs. This can cause you to round your low back more, putting even
more pressure on that lumbar spine. It’s a little like the chicken and egg conundrum;
although we may not be able to pinpoint which came first, it’s best to treat both to ensure
the entire situation is resolved.

These are just a few examples and showcase why we focus on a broader area than just your
point of pain. So, when you arrive and complain of back pain, we’ll also be assessing and
working with your hips to ensure we address the real problem to get you out of pain and
back to life. Depending on the real problem, you may need massage, exercise, rest,
stretching, or it may be best to see your physician. To help you determine what’s really
going on and how to move forward, make an appointment and let’s figure it out together so
you can get back to doing what you enjoy.

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I have been receiving massage and cupping services from Kerryann since June 2022. I originally started seeing Kerryann because I am a runner and was training for a marathon, so I required regular massage therapy. Her work is spectacular. Unlike other massage therapists I have visited, she actually listens to you when you mention a specific area feels off. She is helpful in identifying whats going on and designs your session specifically to help you feel better. In the lead up to my marathon, she was able to fit me in for a quick cupping session to tune-up my body before I departed for my race. I beat my personal record by 40 minutes, and I truly believe Kerryann’s help over the course of my training helped me achieve that. I will continue to be a client of Kerryann’s for as long as she’s in this business! Thank you Kerryann for everything that you do!
Best massage that I’ve ever received.

It was my first time going to see Kerryann and I must say from I entered the room it was peaceful serene calm ,I even enjoyed her soft relaxing music selection..

But I loved every bit of my massage Kerryann has gifted hands and I definitely will be going back the time can’t come soon enough.!!
Thank you kerryann for my services today you rock wishing all the success and you got a client for life …

My massage by Kerry-Ann was wonderful. Very therapeutic and healing. I would recommend her, she knew where to put pressure and what advice to give. Thank again Kerry-Ann.
Logistics: Enter the building, head through the brown door in the back left of the first room, go down the stairs, and find Suite B4. No need to check in with the person working at the front of the building.

Wow. Kerryann is amazing, and so strong! I left feeling like a puddle – and like I really needed a massage. After the massage, Kerryann gave me a stretching exercise to do to reduce the tension between my shoulder blades. She played lo-fi beats. The pressure was great.

Highly recommended!

Kerriane is a great massage therapist. She asks the right questions and she knows the right answers to help her clients. My husband & I are so happy she can now come to our home for our massages.

Kerryann provided a great massage service. Helped ease my neck, shoulders and back from pain due to bad posture. Will be coming back!

She hit all the spots on and applied good pressure as needed, a professional.
I went to Naturally Zuri Massage for a cupping session. I walked away with such an experience. She checked in with me to make sure that pressure of the cups was bareable but effective. I’ve had cupping done on me before but she had a different flow and energy to it. I will admit the pain that I had before going to her had reduced and didn’t flare up for about a week.
Had a cupping session with Kerryann and it was a phenomenal experience. She focused on the right areas. I left the session feeling great and felt even better the following day!
The best massage I’ve ever had. I definitely felt the care effort put into my massage. Kerryann was very attentive to my problem areas and took the necessary steps to treat those areas. I absolutely love their heated massage table, the leg pillows and shoulder pillows. I was extremely comfortable, and felt renewed when I left. I will be signing up for the membership. I will also recommend this place to everyone I know.