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This article was written By Michael Reubens at iWorld Travel

It has been over a year since the world went into lock-down due to the Covid19 pandemic. Some countries are continuing to practice heavy restrictions while others are mandating social distancing.

In New York City it is the latter rather than the former as the city opens up more and more while continuing to err on the side of caution.

With this in mind I’m sure one thing we can all agree on is a return to a semblance of normality whether it be a visit to a museum, cinema, restaurant or luxuriating in self-indulgence i.e. a massage.

Kerryann Bertrand is a licensed massage therapist and the founder and owner of Naturally Zuri Massage here in New York. Originally from Jamaica, Kerryann, now firmly established in Brooklyn, will be the first to admit that relaxation and massage therapy is and should be on everyone’s Bucket List after going through hell and back with this virus, albeit suffering personally with Covid19 or experiencing loved ones and family members in a similar dire situation.

Kerryann Bertrand

Like a breath of fresh air, Kerryann makes house/office visits. She has a sweet disposition and is both calming and professional in her approach and work ethic! Her massage includes Deep Tissue, Trigger Points, Swedish, Reflexology, Acupressure, Medical/CBD, among other journeys to Wellness. A good listenershe has been known to make copious notes as she suggests the best course of individual treatment, just what you would expect from someone who deeply cares for her client’s needs and requirements.



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Kerryann has divine hands. She knew exactly where my tension points were, without me having to say a word, and checked in throughout the process to make sure I was comfortable. Yesterday was my first session with her and I immediately booked her membership afterwards. She’s the real deal and I’m so happy I found her!

This was truly one of the best back and neck massages I’ve had the pleasure of having. I showed up with some back and neck aches, and left feeling better. Kerryann is an amazing massage therapist.

One of the best massages of my life. Kerryann is truly gifted.

This was my first time at Naturally Zuri Massage. Located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I was familiar with the neighborhood and pleasantly surprised that the area was actively busy with lots of people meandering through the various shops. The place of business is welcoming and well-lit. I received my massage from Kerryann Bertrand, the proprietor, and I was not disappointed. I require deep tissue treatment, and Kerryann was up to the task, eliminating trigger points and smoothing out tight muscles. I very much enjoyed the experience and highly recommend Naturally Zuri Massage as the go-to place for tension relief, relaxation and therapeutic massage.

Kerryann at Naturally Zuri Massage is the most intuitive massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. Every visit she works out knots I didn’t realize I had, and she’s been amazing with helping me reduce some of the aches/pains associated with training for a marathon. She’s very kind, professional, and skilled. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Naturally Zuri Massage is the best massage I’ve received in a long time. She attends to all your concerns and trust me you’ll be feeling brand new after! Highly Recommend her! You won’t be disappointed and definitely returning when I have the chance.

I had an amazing Himalayan Salt Stone massage. I was deeply relaxed. Kerryann did a fantastic job on my back. She focused on the areas where I was tight and applied the right amount of pressure. Best massage I’ve received ever!!! She’s really good at what she does.

Great massage service. Clean and safe environment, which allows me to enjoy the service with no worries! Definitely going back.

Kerryann is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had! From the first session I had with her, I have not seen any other therapist because it just won’t be the same. The moment her hand touches my back, I fall asleep immediately. My favorite session is the Himalayan Hot Stone, definitely a must try!!

Every ache and tight area was given attention. Enjoying the combo of Himalayan salt stones, CBD, and aromatherapy benefits, made an unforgettable experience! Just what I needed.