6 Ways To Relieve Post Massage Soreness

post massage soreness

Have you ever received a relaxing massage only to be sore afterward? This is known as post-massage soreness and there are ways to relieve it. 

While this soreness is temporary, here are 6 great ways to get through the discomfort as quickly as possible 

1. CBD Products

CBD products are taking the world by storm. They provide relief for bodily aches without altering your state of mind. They’re sold in several forms from capsules, lotions, gummies, and more! 

One of our favorite ways to relieve post-massage is with a muscle rub using a high-quality CBD cream. This will provide temporary relief to soreness and pains. 

2.  Take a Bath

Sore muscles react nicely to a warm bath. Mix in some bath salts or a bath bomb for some added benefits. We recommend doing this before bed as it will promote a more restful sleep. 

3. Scented Candles 

Don’t underestimate the power of smell. Candles infused with essential oils have a positive effect on your mood and body. In fact, aromatherapy is well known to reduce pain, making it a great solution to post-massage soreness. 

4. Stretching 

There’s nothing a little stretching can’t fix when it comes to a sore body. Consider some yoga-inspired poses to soothe muscles after a massage. Make sure you stretch slowly and don’t overdo it. 

5. Take It Easy  

A sure-fire remedy for post-massage soreness is rest. The last thing you need to do when you’re sore is push yourself too far, or you could delay your recovery. Therefore, take it easy until your body starts feeling back to normal.

6. Use Heating Pads  

Heat is a tried-and-true method for pain relief. Invest in a heating pad before your massage and use it throughout the day. They’ll relieve aches, pains, and muscle stiffness – exactly what you need after a massage! 

Time to Rejuvenate 

A massage should make you feel better, not worse. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to complete recovery after a massage. 

Whether it’s CBD, scented candles, or heating pads, you’ll receive some must-needed relief!

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I have been receiving massage and cupping services from Kerryann since June 2022. I originally started seeing Kerryann because I am a runner and was training for a marathon, so I required regular massage therapy. Her work is spectacular. Unlike other massage therapists I have visited, she actually listens to you when you mention a specific area feels off. She is helpful in identifying whats going on and designs your session specifically to help you feel better. In the lead up to my marathon, she was able to fit me in for a quick cupping session to tune-up my body before I departed for my race. I beat my personal record by 40 minutes, and I truly believe Kerryann’s help over the course of my training helped me achieve that. I will continue to be a client of Kerryann’s for as long as she’s in this business! Thank you Kerryann for everything that you do!
Best massage that I’ve ever received.

It was my first time going to see Kerryann and I must say from I entered the room it was peaceful serene calm ,I even enjoyed her soft relaxing music selection..

But I loved every bit of my massage Kerryann has gifted hands and I definitely will be going back the time can’t come soon enough.!!
Thank you kerryann for my services today you rock wishing all the success and you got a client for life …

My massage by Kerry-Ann was wonderful. Very therapeutic and healing. I would recommend her, she knew where to put pressure and what advice to give. Thank again Kerry-Ann.
Logistics: Enter the building, head through the brown door in the back left of the first room, go down the stairs, and find Suite B4. No need to check in with the person working at the front of the building.

Wow. Kerryann is amazing, and so strong! I left feeling like a puddle – and like I really needed a massage. After the massage, Kerryann gave me a stretching exercise to do to reduce the tension between my shoulder blades. She played lo-fi beats. The pressure was great.

Highly recommended!

Kerriane is a great massage therapist. She asks the right questions and she knows the right answers to help her clients. My husband & I are so happy she can now come to our home for our massages.

Kerryann provided a great massage service. Helped ease my neck, shoulders and back from pain due to bad posture. Will be coming back!

She hit all the spots on and applied good pressure as needed, a professional.
I went to Naturally Zuri Massage for a cupping session. I walked away with such an experience. She checked in with me to make sure that pressure of the cups was bareable but effective. I’ve had cupping done on me before but she had a different flow and energy to it. I will admit the pain that I had before going to her had reduced and didn’t flare up for about a week.
Had a cupping session with Kerryann and it was a phenomenal experience. She focused on the right areas. I left the session feeling great and felt even better the following day!
The best massage I’ve ever had. I definitely felt the care effort put into my massage. Kerryann was very attentive to my problem areas and took the necessary steps to treat those areas. I absolutely love their heated massage table, the leg pillows and shoulder pillows. I was extremely comfortable, and felt renewed when I left. I will be signing up for the membership. I will also recommend this place to everyone I know.